The Yoga Roots Bakersfield

One of the great things about owning a business in Bakersfield is the opportunity to take a personal passion and turn it into a profitable business. Our local morale inspires entrepreneurship and encourages people to take the leap and open the business they’ve always wanted. We love supporting locally-owned companies, especially those that will take a well-known idea and apply their own flair and panache.

Be in Bakersfield is happy to support fellow Bakersfield native, Shannon Quigley,  as she begins her journey with The Yoga roots bakersfield.

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Our Favorite Things To Do in December

The Christmas season is officially here, and with it comes a plethora of Christmas activities around town. Check any community events calendar, and you’ll find your share of Santa visits, gift wrapping and caroling. Bakersfield is filled with Christmas cheer in December. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to do all the things! When making your plans, keep in mind these Christmas spots that just can’t be missed.

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What is it about camping that we like so much. There’s a lot of funny memes about it which is so true and makes you wonder why you do it. But honestly sometimes it’s just nice to live simply, go back to the basics, disconnect from your phones and take in nature. The stories shared around the fire, fingers sticky from the s’mores, your belly warm from the beverages, crickets joining in on the conversation, all while looking up at the stars at night are always the best.

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